About SiteDaddy:

My friends began asking me,
“Would you build ME a great-looking site too?”

Hi, I’m Jack Waldenmaier, a music composer and producer.

I write everything from symphonies, to film scores, to jingles and more.

Since 1996 I’ve single-handedly maintained and updated my primary site, musicbakery.com,
with a sharp focus on branding, ease-of-use, and search engine optimization.

For years my customers and friends had been asking me,
“Would you build ME a great-looking site too?”

So, in 2003 I launched sitedaddy.com and the rest is, as they say, history.

My philosophy says, “Make it EASY on your customers.”

So here’s my “customer-friendly” commitment to you:

• There are NO design fees.

• A simple monthly subscription of $97 now just $47 is all you need.

(Deep-Discount Pricing currently in effect)

• BONUS: My personal high-value Small-Group Mentoring, which includes information-packed sessions on marketing and sales, business development, web audio and video, the psychology of “why people buy” and much, much more is included FREE.

Questions? I invite you to call my direct line right now: 214-636-5887.

Let’s dream together about the creation of Your Ideal Website.

I’m looking forward to chatting with you!
My very best,

Jack Waldenmaier

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